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Creating impact: Fundamentals of storytelling in street photography

Here you go, I have made the jump. I finally published my first book, developing the concept of storytelling in street photography. I spend almost two years studying composition in street photography, with the purpose of understanding how to create more emotional and impactful images. I was interested, in particular, in the concepts of harmony vs. tension, camera subjectivity, and light transformation - all recurring patterns in my work.

From this analysis came to life a series of blog posts, and, eventually, a conference talk on storytelling in street photography during the Out of Chicago conference. This is my honor and pleasure today to share with you the result of this analysis; and I hope that this book will take you further in your photographic journey, just as it did for me.

This ebook is available for free at the following link: Issue/Marielaigneau and you can also directly download it here.

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