Marie Laigneau

London-based street photographer


I am a London-based street photographer who enjoy travelling to the world’s biggest cities to capture the fleeting essence of urban life, projecting my dreams and fantasy into ordinary scenes. My work has been exhibited in art galleries around the US, and published in several magazines such as Leica Magazine and National Geographic. My love for storytelling and composition has led me to publish my first eBook: Storytelling in street photography

Candidness is a necessity for me as I explore the unconscious emotions connecting us to our cities, and to ourselves. In fact, I have come to realise that photography is as magical as it is mysterious to me. Images and stories come to life when I observe the world going by, not when I attempt to control it. I follow my intuition - it's as I am driven by an inner pull, acting as magnet, taking me to a new street, to a new face. But the stories that I capture? They've always been within me. In this sense, my photographs are self-portraits, and the beauty that I try to convey doesn't belong to the world, it only belongs to me. It had always been there.

Marie Laigneau

Published books

  1. Storytelling in street photography (available as PDF)

  2. An exploration of creativity (available as PDF)

Private workshops

If you would like to learn to see differently and move beyond your comfort zone, I also offer personal workshops in London that are fully customized to your needs, and can last anywhere from 2 hours to a full day. Please contact me at marie.laigneau@gmail.com for availability and rates.