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Cool lists of women street photographers to follow

To my happiness, there's been a regain in interest for female street photographers - who, as we know, are somewhat of a minority. Of course, being a women doesn't make you a better street photographer, far from that. But interestingly, I find female street photography to be often different than that of the mainstream communities led by men. It's oftentimes more subtle, emotional, timeless. It portrays the mundane not in sophisticated compositions, but rather as a flow of feelings, sounds, and smells. It's all that subtlety that I am pleased to find in those lists. And I thank the curators very much for the effort of putting them together!

First article: Top 20 Female street photographers to follow on Instagram, by Shooter Files.

Second article: Woman street photographers you should follow on the web, by Street Hunters

And finally, I would like to thank the readers of Street Hunters for including me in their 20 most influential street photographers list in 2017. This gives me wings to give more and more to you, my dear readers! Hopefully my next ebook will be a give back, if it turns out any good :)

Have a lovely day!