a strangeness in my mind

The city that used to be mine has become unfamiliar and strange. You've left to a place where my thoughts cannot travel to; once alive, the city has fallen silent. I fear being with you. I fear being alone.

the lightness of being

A clash of colours, red lips in the shadow. Lost in your mind, you walk past the familiar buildings, your dreams floating above like a balloon in the sky. You don’t notice me, or any else for that matter, as your heart murmurs to you the loneliest of all songs.

american fairytales

I can see light in your darkness. I can see smiles in your sadness. I can imagine a million of lives for you, as life is an ever-ending fairytale.

neon cities

Under the neon lights, your face tell a thousand stories. Stories of strength, stories of hurt. Stories of loneliness, stories of playfulness. You can be anyone you’d like, as your steps echo the silence, and the silence, the night.