Candidness is a necessity for me as I explore the unconscious emotions connecting us to our cities, and to ourselves. In fact, I have come to realize that photography is as magical as it is mysterious to me. Images and stories come to life when I observe the world going by, not when I attempt to control it. I follow my intuition - it's as I am driven by an inner pull, acting as magnet, taking me to a new street, to a new face. But the stories that I capture? They've always been within me. In this sense, my photographs are self-portraits, and the beauty that I try to convey doesn't belong to the world, it only belongs to me. It had always been there.


a strangeness in my mind

The city that used to be mine has become unfamiliar and strange. The streets no longer murmur my name, the windows no longer recognize me when I walk past . You've left to a place where my thoughts cannot travel to; once friendly and alive, the city has fallen into dead silence. I fear being with you. I fear being alone. 



dark as A moonless night

Nights are the kingdom of dreams and forgotten memories - when the world as we know it changes and twists to reveal a much different place, full of darkness, of hidden secrets and joyful elation. Nights are the realm of fantasy: a place and time where everything can happen, where stories come to life.



Carnets de voyage

Insanely gracious and erotic, at times full of sadness and at other times buzzing with life, Tokyo is endlessly captivating. During my travels to Asia, I fell in love with this city living a double life, both extroverted and secretive - made of this fragile beauty that one can only guess, never fully comprehend.



american fairytales

My american cities are tinted with dreams, a timeless universe liberated from the constraints of time and place. Through the use of light and mood, I suggest feelings and emotions rather than tell stories, leaving my viewers with the possibility to remember, within themselves, their own story.



neon cities

Neon lights have always attracted me. It's as if the city transforms at night, its lights casting yellow, orange, and bluish hues creating elusive shadows that falls harsh on those still awake. People become silhouettes, their faces fade into the light while their steps echo the silence, and the silence, the night.



the Lightness of being

Of memory, time, and self-delusion.